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Just connect the mister to your outside water source with a regular garden hose and just a little pressure provides a fine mist (see note).

The mister can be used with a timer. A regularly timed schedule will have the birds accustomed to arriving to the mister at the set time. Most timers have a manual
operation feature which will allow additional operation at your pleasure.

NOTE: Garden hoses have a male and female connection. The female connection goes to the faucet. If the hose end to be connected to mister is not female you will need a garden hose swivel connection - 3/4 FMH x 3/4 FMH available at most hardware stores for about $5.00 or a quick connector - 3/4 FMH x 3/4 FMH.

DIMENSIONS: Assembled unit stands 5 1/2’ tall &
weighs 20 pounds.

MATERIAL: Components are copper, brass, bronze, & pvc.
The base is concrete or concrete in a red glazed pot.

Mister is built to order & delivery is available.

COST: Concrete base - $110.00 (plus tax)
Red pot base - $125.00 (plus tax)

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